November 26, 1914 - Notre Dame defeats another eastern power

By Olson

ND returned East to meet one more eastern power. Syracuse had already beaten Michigan.

A now healthy Eichenlaub starred at fullback and in the defensive line , finishing the season by almost single-handedly putting on a goal line stand at the 2 as the game ended.

The Irish finished 6-2 after the 20-0 victory over Syracuse.

The Yale and Army games were disappointing...ND beat Army in their return East next year but Yale refused to play Notre Dame again.

Harper never lost two games in a season again-in fact ND did not lose two game in a season for ten year- until 1925 (a year after the '24 National Championship).

Notre Dame Nicknames(the 1914 ND squad was full of nicknames):

  • Keith (Deak) Jones T
  • Hollis (Hoot) King E
  • Ralph (Zipper) Lathrop T
  • George (Ducky) Holmes T
  • Al (Dutch) Bergman QB
  • Art (Bunny) Larkin HB
  • Alvin (Heine) Berger HB
  • Rupert (Rupe) Mills E

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