November 14, 1914 - Another win verse the Indian Universities

By Olson

This game was supposed to be a competitive contest-but ND ran away with the game and won 48-6. Pop Warner's Carlisle team wasn't all they were cracked up to be. This would be the first of two games played against Warner, the other being the 1924 Rose Bowl. Overall, ND would have a 2-0 record against the legendary coach.

A funny story of this game was told in the book 'Shake down the Thunder' by Sperber: "Jesse Harper decided to put numbers on the backs of the players of both team- a innovation rarely used up to that point."

Carlisle resisted giving a team list. It turned out that Carlisle and Haskell (both Indian institutions) used some players inter-changeably.....'the famous back Emil Hauser of Haskell became Chief Waseka at Carlisle etc'

The game featured some long runs by the 'shifting' ND team who finally seemed to be getting the hang of the Harper/Rockne offense.

It may of helped that Eichenlaub appeared to be healthy for the first time since game 1.

End Mal Elward(graduated Rockne's replacement at end) caught two long passes. Elward would later be the HC and AD of Purdue.

Keywords: football, carlisle, haskell, jesse harper, pop warner, mal elward, knute rockne, ray eichenlaub

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