October 17, 1914 - Yale uses rugby plays to win

By Olson

Over 30,000 filled the Yale Bowl (it was smaller back then) to see the 'upstart' ND squad. It was a disappointing day.

Yale Coach Frank Hinkey (a former Eli Captain) had brought in a Canadian rugby squad to teach his team the lateral.

ND simply was not prepared to stop this new weapon. Yale used the lateral extensively and scored twice in each half.

Eichenlaub, still hurting, had a 50 yd run in the 1st half, but ND was stopped on Eli 2.

In the 4th Q the game ended with ND on the Eli 3.

ND had 16 first downs to 15 for Yale...and nothing to show for it. Yale won 28-0.

This ND squad simply wasn't the same team that beat Army the year before (not without Dorais and Rockne).

It was ND's first loss in 4 years and Harper's first loss as ND coach.

Yale did not get to celebrate their ND victory too long-they lost to Washington & Jefferson the next week.

The season became forgettable for Eli when Harvard buried them in the BIG Game = 36-0. Harvard beat Yale 41-0 the next season too-and coach Hinkey was fired (naturally).

On the train ride home, a frustrated Harper and Rockne began to work on installing a new motion offense which was later perfected as the 'Notre Dame shift'.

Keywords: football, yale, ray eichenlaub, gus dorais, knute rockne, jesse harper

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