October 10, 1914 - A blowout victory

By Olson

Prior to the second game, fullback Ray Eichenlaub would injure his leg in practice. This would have a profound effect on the season...though no one noticed during the route of Rose Poly.

Cofall scored 4 more TDs, then moved back to his regular LHB position with Bergman back at QB.

The reserves played the 2nd half....with a 75 point cushion when they entered the game. Notre Dame would win 103-0 for their 16th win in a row and 27th in a row without losing (24-0-3).

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   Posted By: olson at 2015-10-10 09:22:00[#1]
the above was taken from an original longer post on the NDNation website

A couple of references in the above excerpt require further explanation (from the original post):

*fullback Ray Eicenlaub\'s leg injury in practice before game #2 did not cause ND any problems in the 103-0 victory over Rose Poly but \"would have a profound effect on the season\":

The \'profound effect\' would be that ND would lose their very next game to Yale 28-0...with ND star FB Eichenlaub still hurt....Eichenaub would still be hurt and play only sparingly vs Army(ND\'s other loss of the season)

*The reference above to Cofall moving \'back to his regular LHB position with Bergman back at QB\' also requires further info from the original post:

Soph Cofall (usually a HB) started at QB in the season opener vs Alma. Regular starting QB Bergman did not get the start due to the fact that he only showed up on the ND campus 3 days before the contest.

Cofall moved back to HB for the 2nd game(with Bergman back at his QB position).

After scoring 2tds in the opener while playing Qb; Cofall added 4 more scores in game #2 while back at his nature position of HB
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