November 24, 1934 - Shutting down the Cadets

By Olson

ND scored twice on passes: Shakespeare to Vairo for 52 yds and Pilney to Hanley for 15 for the game winner.

ND had 6 first downs in the game; Army had 4....the Irish defense, led as usual by Robinson and Sullivan was sterling.

ND totally shut down Army's powerful fullback and team captain Joe Stancook (a transfer from Notre Dame) in this contest. Notre Dame won 12-6.

Also, Layden only played 25 players in this game, far less than he had played against Texas in the opener.....of course this was an away game and Layden may only have brought 25 players with him to NYC to play in Yankee Stadium.

Keywords: football, army, william shakespeare, dom vairo, dan hanley, andy pilney, jack robinson, joe sullican, joe stancook, elmer layden, yankee stadium

Posted On: 2014-09-23 00:15:01 by Olson


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