November 4, 1944 - The first of two academy losses

By Olson

This wartime Navy squad was loaded.

ND scored first on a 20 yd run by Angsman - but it was called back by an Irish penalty.

Navy took charge - scoring 2 TDs (with ND transfer Fred Early kicking an XP) to lead 13-0.

The Irish simply couldn't run against the Midshipmen.

The lead increased to 19-0 early in the second half before QB Dancewicz finally got the Irish going with his passing on a 78 yd march for a TD.

Navy responded immediately with another TD (Navy 25 ND 7).

The teams traded 4th Q TDs and the Irish undefeated days were over with Navy winning 32-13. Bob Kelly led all ND rushers with only 31 yds on 15 carries.

Keywords: football, navy, elmer angsman, fred early, boley dancewicz, bob kelly

Posted On: 2014-09-10 00:15:08 by Olson


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