October 13, 1973 - Shutting Out the Owls

Notre Dame came into the contest ranked #9 and an undefeated 3-0 record. For the first time since 1915, Notre Dame was playing Rice. Just as in 1915, Rice did not put up much of a struggle against the Irish. With Tom Clements at the helm, Notre Dame ran down the field and punched the ball in for an early touchdown. The team added another touchdown before halftime to jump out to a 14-0 lead.

As the third quarter opened, Art Best would break out on a 31-yard run in Owls' territory. After an 8-yard pass to FB Wayne Bullock, Bullock then bull-dozed his way into the end zone for a third Irish touchdown.

The teams traded a series of punts with Notre Dame winning the field position battle. Late in the game a 62-yard punt by Brian Doherty rolled to the Rice 2 yard line. On the ensuing possession, Luther Bradley intercepts a pass inside the 35-yard line. Senior Cliff Brown was inserted at quarterback. Choosing to keep the ball instead of pitch to Al Samuel, Brown weaves his way 38 yards for a fourth and final touchdown.

Notre Dame would win the game 28-0 and improve to a 4-0 record on their way to winning the national championship.

                1  2  3  4   F
#9 Notre Dame   7  7  7  7  28
Rice            0  0  0  0   0

Notre Dame would also improve their head-to-head record against Rice to two wins and no losses.

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