September 9, 1978 - Just Kick the Ball!

By Olson

ND opener: they were the defending National Champs and had Joe Montana returning at QB. It was 94 degrees.

1st Half

The only team that came close to scoring was ND, who drove to the 18 where ND QB Joe Montana fumbled a snap and Missouri recovered

0-0 at Halftime

2nd Half

ND drove to the 11 early in the 3rd Q. On 4 & 1 (electing not to go for a short FG), Montana tried a QB sneak and was stuffed. Missouri took over on downs.

ND next recovered a Missouri fumble in ND territory. The Irish moved inside the 10. On 3rd down and inches Montana was stuffed on a QB sneak, yet again. Instead of going for a short FG (yet again), ND went for it on 4th down and Vagas Ferguson was tackled for a 3 yd loss.

ND stopped Missouri and started another drive. Montana hit SE Kris Haines with a 34 yd completion to the Missouri 4! But Haines, after catching the ball and heading out of bounds, slaps the Missouri defensive back upside the helmet (and it wasn't just a 'tap' as some later insisted) after the play. ND receives a 15 yd penalty. It is now 1st and goal from the 19 - thanks to the penalty. ND gains 4 on 3 plays and decides to go for a FG (finally) from the 15.

Unis in to attempt the FG, but holder Joe Restic fumbles the snap and has to try a pass-incomplete. Missouri takes over. End of 3rd Q, still 0-0

Missouri finally puts together a drive (the ND defense was great all day). With 12:50 left the Tigers kick a FG for a 3-0 lead.

The crowd is stunned. Up until this point it was all ND, with it just a matter of time before the dominating Irish put the Tigers away. Notre Dame drives to the 28 after the kickoff. On 4th & 1 the Irish go for it (naturally) and Ferguson is stopped for no gain. Missouri ball. The Irish stop the Tigers, get the ball back, and drive to the 25 where Ferguson fumbles and Missouri recovers (3:30 left). The ND defense stops the Tigers and force a punt.

At 1:15 Missouri punts to the Irish, but Randy Harrison fumbles the punt and Missouri recovers. Missouri proceeds to run out the clock

Missouri 3 Notre Dame 0

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