October 14, 1967 - Turnovers plague the Irish

By Olson

Two games later, after #1 ND lost to #10 Purdue, Southern Cal was now #1. USC had the leading rusher in the Nation - a fellow named OJ Simpson. #5 Notre Dame now faced #1 Southern Cal in South Bend.

The Irish committed 9 turnovers (7 INTs and 2 fumbles)! ND was stopped 4 times inside the Trojan 10 by turnovers:

  • INT at the 5 (2nd Q)
  • Fumble at the 4 (2nd Q)
  • INT at in endzone(2nd Q)
  • INT at 5 (4th Q)

USC scored on 3 other Irish turnovers:

  • Irish fumble 2nd Half kickoff - Trojans 'drive' 18 yds (7 hard fought plays)
  • Hanratty INT - Trojans go 42 yds for TD
  • Hanratty INT - Trojans go 17 yds for TD

USC's 3 TDs came on drives of 18, 42, and 17 yds. The Trojans also got a FG after a poor ND punt of only 13 yards from deep in Irish territory. OJ Simpson was held to 41 yds in the first half (ND led 7-0) and USC QB Sogge was 5-15 with 3 INTs.

OJ scored all 3 USC TDs in the second half and had 4 gains of over 10 yds on 38 carries (36, 18, 16, and 16 yds). Half his carries on the day were for 3 yards or less. Eight times OJ was stopped for no gain or a loss.

  • Terry Hanratty finished 10 of 23 with 5 INTs
  • Coley O'Brien replaced him and finished 4 of 16 with 2 INTs
  • Bob Belden completed his only pass att.

With a final score of #1 SC 24 - #5 ND 7, it was the Trojans first win at Notre Dame since 1939. Notre Dame had won 10 in a row at home during the span.

After setting the record for most passes in a game, Hanratty placed his name in the record books again for most interceptions thrown in a single game:

  1. 7 - 11/11/1944 Frank Dancewicz vs #1 Army (L 0-59)
  2. 5 - 10/14/1967 Terry Hanratty vs #1 Southern Cal (L 7-24)

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