November 29, 1958 - Terry Brennan's Last Game

By Olson

This was the goal-line stand game.

ND scored in the first half on runs by Nick Pietrosante and Bob Williams (not Irish AA QB B Williams of Baltimore but a later QB Bob Williams from Pa). Monty Stickles missed both extra points. USC led 13-12 at half.

ND scored on the opening drive of the 2nd half (on a Williams to Norm Odyniec pass) and giving up on kicker Stickles - went for 2 instead. This was the first year of the new rule two point conversion scoring system. Williams hit Jim Crotty for the 2 point conversion: ND 20 USC 13.

Later USC drove to the ND 1 FOOT line-1st down:

  • On first down, a USC back fumbled but recovered at the 1 yd line
  • On second down, USC tried to run wide but was stuffed for a 1 yd loss
  • On third down, USC Qb tried a sneak and was stopped for no gain
  • On fourth down, USC speedster Don Buford (later of MLB Baltimore and Chicago White Sox fame) tried wide again but was stopped short of the goal line by Irish LBer Myron Pottios

ND was the only team to get close after that - fumbling at the Trojan 2.

Final ND 20 USC 13.

The next day the LA Times wrote:

"Sometime, somewhere some football team may have staged a greater goal line stand than the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame did in the fourth quarter of yesterday's heart-stopper with the Trojans of Southern California. But I doubt it."

Terry Brennan was fired one month later. The USC victory was his last game as ND coach.

Keywords: football, southern cal, nick pietrosante, bob williams, monty stickles, norm odyniec, jim crotty, terry brennan, myron pottios

Posted On: 2014-01-21 00:15:03 by Olson


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