October 18, 1924 - Adam Walsh and his two broken hands

By Olson

Early in the 1924 season, Irish center and team captain Adam Walsh broke his hand.

The day of the Army contest in the Polo Grounds (Notre Dame's last game and second ever game after an earlier game against Rutgers), Walsh came up with a unique way to protect that injury. Adam knew full well that the Cadets would attempt to go after his hand. So he bandaged his good hand, leaving the broken hand unprotected.

Sure enough, the Army cadets stomped on his bandaged hand and left his broken hand alone. However the strategy backfired - the Cadets had managed to break Walsh's other hand in the process!

Walsh played the remainder of the year with two broken hands.

This was not Walsh's first injury at ND. As a freshman going against the Irish varsity in practice, Walsh had broken his arm and dislocated his collarbone. Adam did not attempt to play with these injuries. His loss and that of fellow frosh QB Harry Stuhldreher (also injured) had a major impact on the Freshmen squad that season.

The 1921 ND Frosh finished a disappointing 3-3 (the worse record in history for an Irish frosh team through the Harper/Rockne era).

Elmer Layden played QB on that '21 frosh team in place of the injured Stuhldreher. That frosh team included the Four Horsemen (sans injured QB Harry S) and most of the soon to be famous '7 Mules' (the line that played in front of the 4 Horsemen backfield) - as seniors this class led the Irish to an undefeated season and won the National Championship.

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   Posted By: olson at 2015-10-18 07:42:19[#1]
about the 7 Mules & the 1921 ND frosh team:

Only 3 of the 7 \'Mules\' were on the \'21 Frosh team(I said \'most\' my post above.

The 3 were E Chuck Collins/C Adam Walsh/ T Rip Miller

The other 4 Mules were:

Joe Bach T a transfer from Carlton College
John Weibel G who came from the ND Interhall league
Noble Kizer G who was on a basketball scholarship to ND
Ed Hunsinger E who came from the ND Interhall league

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