November 2, 1974 - Ara Decides To Hang It Up

By Olson

On the way home after this game, a closer than expected Irish win (ND 14 - Navy 6) Coach Ara Parseghian decides to quit after the season. The first 10 years after the 1963 Midshipmen defeated Notre Dame there were nothing but blowouts: Games were decided by as many as 40, 47 or 49 points. The 19-point differential in 1972 was the closest Navy could get to Notre Dame until today.

Navy bottles up ND with poor field position thanks to Midshipman punter John Stufflebeem. Stufflebeem averages 48 yds on 11 punts.

"You couldn't even expect a punter to have that much of an impact on a game from beginning to the end, I never saw anything like that." Ara Parseghian (see link)

Navy led 6-0 into the 4th Q. Irish QB Tom Clements(who had a horrible game going 5 of 22 with 2 INTs) finally hit Pete Demmerle with a td pass. Later S Randy Harrison returned an INT 40 yds for another Irish score.


Keywords: football, navy, ara parseghian, tom clements, pete demmerle, randy harrison

Posted On: 2013-11-19 00:15:01 by Olson


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