October 31, 1964 - The Streak Begins

By Olson

Senior QB Staubach (1963 Heisman Winner) vs Senior ND QB John Huarte (1964 Heisman Winner)

Irish QB Huarte hits Nick Eddy for a 74 yd score and Jack Snow for a 55 yd td. The game wasn't all that close.

Huarte wins the Heisman - he is told that he has won the Heisman in a call from the ND SID department. John is instructed to report to the SID office with his letterman's jacket for pictures. John informs the caller that he doesn't own a letterman's jacket - having yet to win a letter at ND. ND's awards banquet was held two weeks after the Heisman had been announced. So Huarte got his first (and only) ND letterman's jacket in time to head to NYC to pick up the trophy.

FINAL: #2 ND 40 NAVY 0

Staubach finishes his career 1-2 vs ND. Notre Dame would not lose to Navy for the next 43 years, an intercollegiate record.

Keywords: football, navy, john haurte, nick eddy, jack snow, heisman, record

Posted On: 2013-11-14 00:15:04 by Olson


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