October 29, 1960 - Navy gets revenge

By Olson

Bellino scores both Navy tds in his Heisman Trophy year.

Joe also saves the day on defense in this close game.

With the ball on the Irish 22, ND QB George Haffner attempts a pass to E Jim Sherlock in the endzone. Bellino breaks it up and Sherlock is called for offensive interference. Navy is awarded the ball-endzone off infer. = touchback

Later, Haffner hits HB Bob Scarpitto with a 63 yd pass but Bellino brings down Scarpitto from behind at the 14 with a td saving tackle. ND drives to the 4 but on 3rd down, Bellino assists in tackle for a 7 yd loss. ND then misses a FG

ND got the ball to the 22,4 and one other time inside the ten without scoring.


Bellino finishes 1-2 vs ND

Keywords: football, navy, george haffner, jim sherlock, bob scarpitto

Posted On: 2013-11-08 04:56:27 by Olson


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