November 4, 1922 - Castner Single-Handidly beats Indiana

Senior halfback Paul Castner put on one of the greatest all-around individual performances in Notre Dame history. Castner would star on offense, defense, and special teams. A capacity crowd of 22,000 at Cartier Field would witness Castner put up 27 points against Indiana University...all by himself. Paul Castner would:

  1. 6 points: a 23 yard touchdown run in the second quarter.
  2. 1 point: the following point after attempt.
  3. 6 points: 7 yard touchdown run in the third quarter.
  4. 1 point: the following point after attempt.
  5. 3 points: a 45 yard drop-kick field goal.
  6. 3 points: a 30 yard drop-kick field goal in the fourth quarter.
  7. 6 points: a 35 yard interception return for touchdown.
  8. 1 point: the following point after attempt.

All together Castner scored three touchdowns (one on defense), all three PATs, and two drop-kick field goals. 12 points on offense, 6 points on defense, and 9 points on special teams.

         1  2  3  4    F
Indiana  0  0  0  0    0
N. Dame  0  7 10 10   27

The only other player to account for all of Notre Dame's points when scoring at least 20 would be Paul Hornung in his 1956 Heisman campaign.

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