December 1, 1962 - Joe Kuraich's last game

By Olson

Undefeated and #1 ranked USC led the Irish 19-0 with only two minutes left. Daryle Lamonica was in at QB for the Irish, but only because Frank Budka (the other Irish QB) had just broken his leg playing defense. For some reason Lamonica and Budka shared the QB duties most of the year....

Lamonica, trying to make something happen deep in his own territory, threw an interception. Of course it was Daryle who made the TD saving tackle at the Irish 20.

Less than two minutes left, game over right? Well,kind of - USC came out passing. Fertig hit a 14 yd pass to the 6. Fertig then tried one (or two, depends on which version you believe) passes in the endzone - incomplete. On the next play Fertig rolled out to pass again, but finding no one open ran in for a TD.

USC 25 ND 0. 53 seconds left.

USC lined up and went for two........a Fertig pass failed. Final USC 25-0.

That was Joe Kuharich's last game as coach at Notre Dame.

Keywords: football, southern cal, daryle lamonica, frank budka, joe kuharich

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