November 8, 1921 - The Longest Dropkick

By Olson

The longest dropkick FG in ND Varsity football History was by Paul Castner-47 yds against Rutgers in the Polo Grounds NYC 1921. Earlier in the same game Castner had kicked a 42 yd dropkick FG.

From the 1921 ND Football Review: '....Castner dropped one over the crossbar from the 42 yards mark......Castner dropped another in the basket-this time from the 47 yard line-after which Grantland Rice fainted."

In a game earlier in the season, Castner missed a 50 yard dropkick against Iowa 'by 5 yards'. Iowa upset the Irish 10-7(only loss of the season and the first Irish loss since 1918). Notre Dame was on the 17 yd line as the game ended...why the Irish didn't try a drop kick before time ran out is certainly a question....especially since Castner was certainly within his range...(wonder if Rockne had alums back then second guessing him?)

Same can be asked for the famous 1946 0-0 tie with Army. Why did ND go for it on 4th down from the 3 yard line instead of trying a very short FG? I guess 'real men' didn't win games via the FG back in the day...

An aside, the Rutgers game in the Polo Grounds in 1921 (ND won 48-0) was held on a Tuesday afternoon, just 3 days after ND had defeated Army at West Point 28-0.

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Posted On: 2013-09-03 00:15:07 by Olson


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