November 13, 1943 - Creighton Miller gets a pre-game snack

By Olson

Creighton Miller was a HB on the 1943 Irish National Champs. Miller was an All American on the '43 team and is in the College FB HOF.

Late in the '43 season #1 ranked undefeated ND played #8 ranked Northwestern in Dyche Stadium.

The Irish had just finished pre-game warm ups and began to leave the field for the visting locker room. Miller spotted some friends in the stands and walked over to say a quick hello.

In the meantime the Irish players exited the field by an unusual route peculiar to Dyche Stadium. To get to the locker room the team had to exit the field at the 10 yard line, go up into the stands and take a ramp down below the stands to an unmarked door.

When Miller finished his hellos he noticed that all of his teammates were already out of site. Miller remembered that when he entered the field the team had taken a strange route-but hadn't paid all that much attention to the details.

So Miller headed under the stands from the nearest exit and looked for the visitors locker room. He wandered among the fans in his ND #37 jersey, and not finding a sign for the locker room began checking unmarked doors. All locked.

Miller also noticed that people under the stands were looking at him in a strange way. He remembered thinking that the fans were thinking 'what kind of jerk wears a football uniform to a game'.

Finally Miller decided he'd ask a concessionaire where the locker room was. He cut in line and asked a hot dog vender. The vender, unimpressed by the football uniform, told Miller to get back in line and wait his turn.

Creighton, running out of options and now worried about what Coach Leahy would think when he discovered his star HB was missing, complied and went to the back of the line to wait to ask his question.

As he stood there, along came Notre Dame President Father Cavanaugh. Miller was easy to spot in his ND uniform and Father Cavanaugh wandered over to him. 'What are you doing Creighton?' asked the priest.

Before Miller could answer, Cavanaugh cut him off and turned to a distinguished looking gentlemen with him (who happened to be the President of Northwestern) and said, 'Remember how I predicted at lunch that Northwestern would do well against the Irish today? Well here is one of our starting halfbacks in line for a hot dog just 5 minutes before the game.'

Postscript: Leahy had indeed noticed that Miller was missing and had sent a student manager to find him. Miller was reunited with the team and the Irish went on to win the game 25-6.

oh yes, and Miller rushed for 151 yds & 1 td in the game

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   Posted By: Joe McLaughlin at 2015-11-13 10:10:54[#2]
Pity the Dali Lamma wasn\'t working the concession stand. Fr Cavanaugh could have asked him to make him \"one with everything\".
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   Posted By: Joe McLaughlin at 2015-11-13 10:09:56[#1]
Pity the Dali Lamma wasn\'t working the concession stand. Fr Cavanaugh could have asked him to make him \"one with everything\".
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