November 27, 1926 - Rockne skips the football game

Notre Dame Carnegie Tech 1926Knute Rockne and Notre Dame were eight games into the 1926 season and had given up only a single touchdown all season. Every other game had been a shutout with an opening win against Beloit by the score of 77-0, the most lopsided win in Rockne's career. The team was now 8-0-0 and heading to Carnegie Tech. The team told Carnegie Tech that they were coming to town with all they had. Those following the team may have felt differently though. There was talk that the first string would stay home to rest up for the next week's game against Southern Cal. The first string did go to play the game, but Knute Rockne stayed behind in Chicago to scout the Army-Navy game. The capable assistant coaches went to fill Rockne's absence, but Rockne would regret not attending the game later on.

The assistants used Rockne's strategy of starting the second string to give the opponent a sense of false hope. After the first quarter, the game was still scoreless. But when the first string went into the game in the second quarter, the Tartans got the best of the Irish. Notre Dame was kept out of the end zone but after two touchdown runs Tech led 13-0 at halftime. After two dropkick field goals in the second half, Carnegie Tech was ahead 19-0. Notre Dame would be stopped at the goal line and the team never scored. After winning seven shut outs, the Rockne-less Irish suffered a shut out.

Carnegie Tech Upsets Notre DameCarnegie Tech describes this win as their greatest victory. The game is included in ESPN's "Greatest College Football Upsets." We can't say for sure if the team would have won with Rockne in attendance but him staying in Chicago certainly did not help the team any. The Irish would go out to Southern Cal and win the following week, ending the season 8-1-0.

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