November 17, 1928 - Rockne's only loss at home

Notre Dame Carnegie TechKnute Rockne was already having his worst season at Notre Dame by having two losses in the same season. Now 5-2 after "winning one for the Gipper", Rockne's team returned home for their final home game of the season and final game at Cartier Field. With plans for the new Notre Dame Stadium to be built for the 1930 season, every game in 1929 was played away from campus. The final opponent would be Carnegie Tech who was undefeated at 6-0-0.

Carnegie Tech would go on to win the game 27-7 and hand Notre Dame a loss in its final home game. Worse, it was the first loss at home in twenty three years. The last time Notre Dame lost at home was Oct 21, 1905 when Henry McGlew's team lost 5-0 to Wabash. Since that loss, the team was 92-0-3 at home

The following week Notre Dame would lose at Southern Cal and finish the season 5-4-0. There was no hangover from this season as Rockne's teams would win the next nineteen games and two consecutive National Championships.

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