November 16, 1957 - Oklahoma's 47 game win-streak ends

Notre Dame Oklahoma Program 1957Notre Dame went down to Norman as 19-point underdogs. There was no reason for them to be favored after two disappointing losses the last two weeks, losing Heisman winner Paul Hornung after a 2-8 season in 1956, and losing 40-0 to Oklahoma the previous year. The 1956 loss to Oklahoma is the worst home loss ever. Meanwhile, Oklahoma had won two consecutive National Championships and were riding a NCAA record 47 game win streak. The last game Oklahoma lost was in 1953. At home. To Notre Dame.

Both sides had plenty of hype and motivation surrounding the game. The Sooners thought nothing of Notre Dame and expected easy victory #48. The week leading up to the game was filled with festivities culminating on game day with the 50th Birthday of Oklahoma's statehood. While nobody else was giving the Irish a chance, the players went down expecting a win.

Notre Dame received the ball first and managed no offense. Oklahoma took over and drove down to the Notre Dame 13 yard line. A pass fell incomplete on fourth down and this would be the closest Oklahoma ever got to scoring. Twice Notre Dame would get down to the six yard line. The first time resulted in a goal line stop on fourth down with the ball being half a foot short. The second trip resulted in an interception. As the fourth quarter started, the game was still scoreless.

Terry Brennan Notre Dame OklahomaWith 12:51 remaining in the game, Notre Dame took over at their own 20 yard line. Very methodically Notre Dame moved down the field picking up several yards at a time and always getting the first down. Just like earlier in the game it was now fourth-and-goal at the three yard line. On a sweep right, Dick Lynch took the pitch and ran it in three yards for the only touchdown in the game. The clock now showed 3:50 and Notre Dame led 7-0. The drive took over nine minutes consisting of twenty plays, only one being a pass. Oklahoma took to the air to try and tie the game but the final pass of the game would be intercepted by the Irish in the end zone. Bob Williams not only led the game winning drive, he secured the victory by intercepting the final pass.

            1  2  3  4     
Notre Dame  0  0  0  7 -  7
Oklahoma    0  0  0  0 -  0

As the team bus came back down Notre Dame Ave, the entire student body cheered their arrival.

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   Posted By: Cami at 2017-05-08 14:38:03[#2]
Inaotmfrion is power and now I\'m a !@#$ing dictator.
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   Posted By: Boomers Keeper at 2011-11-16 14:55:25[#1]
Great day to remember - I really like the old news clip - 127 games without a shutout for OU - way to go Irish!

I hope we see more of the same from ND this weekend - maybe a few more points.
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