November 14, 1992 - The Snow Bowl

A week after blowing out Boston College, Notre Dame was still ranked #8 and 7-1-1 heading into the game with Joe Paterno's #22 Penn State. This game would be the last regular meeting between the two independent schools who had met every year since 1981 since Penn State was making the jump to join the Big Ten (as the eleventh member). Since 1981, Penn State had won eight of the last eleven meetings and led the series 8-7-1. The Notre Dame players had this game circled all season wanting a victory on Senior Day.

Notre Dame Penn State Snow Bowl Reggie BrooksNotre Dame would take the opening kick and drive down the field for a field goal. That's when the snow started. A winter squall had descended onto South Bend and snow swirled around the stadium, blanketing the field white. It made for difficult playing conditions as players had trouble getting a sure footing. Despite the weather, Penn St would manage a touchdown. On the extra point attempt, freshman Bobby Taylor would block the kick and this point would be the difference maker later on.

The snow continued into the second quarter and the defense would keep Penn State scoreless. Notre Dame would get down the 14 yard line and Lou Holtz decided a try on fourth down was the better bet than a field goal in the blowing wind. Rick Mirer's pass to Irv Smith fell incomplete but Notre Dame would get a field goal with 0:09 left on the clock. At half time the score was tied 6-6.

Notre Dame Penn State Snow BowlThe conditions had improved for the third quarter and again the Irish defense prevailed. Notre Dame would take a short 9-6 lead before Penn State drove to the goal line. Notre Dame, behind captain Demetrius DeBose, would stage a picturesque goal line stand forcing Penn State to kick a field goal. As the fourth quarter came, the score was still tied now at 9-9.

Penn State would score a touchdown and Notre Dame got the ball with 4:16 left in the game, behind 16-9. On fourth down at the three yard line, Notre Dame called time out with twenty five seconds remaining. Lou called a play normally reserved for two point conversions and that had never been used in a game before. Rick Mirer checked to his last option and told Jerome Bettis to go out and Bettis caught the touchdown pass in the middle of the end zone. Notre Dame trailed 16-15 and Lou had already been booed once at home after a tie so it was clear they needed to go for two. In what turned to be a broken play, Mirer rolled to his right and Brooks mirrored him in the end zone. Brooks caught his third collegiate pass and the two point conversion was successful. Notre Dame led 17-16 and withstood three Penn State passes. The all-time series was now tied 8-8-1 and the seniors left the stadium with a win.

            1  2  3  4     
Penn State  6  0  3  7 - 16
Notre Dame  3  3  3  8 - 17

Besides the exciting game, Rudy continued to do some filming around campus. The week before the game sequences were filmed at halftime and today several of the individual crowd scenes were filmed. When Rudy's father walks into the stadium, you can hear the Penn State fight song being played in the background.

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