November 8, 1975 - The Rudy Play

Notre Dame Georgia Tech ProgramYesterday we looked at how they filmed the Georgia Tech game sequences in Rudy. Today we look at the actual Georgia Tech game in which Rudy would play the final snaps. Notre Dame was ranked #12 and 6-2 coming into the game. As the final home game of the season, all the seniors dressed and Devine would ensure they all got into the game.

The Irish were in control for the entire game. On the opening kick, Steve Orsini would tackle the return man at the 10 yard line. Once Notre Dame gained possession, Jerome Heavens would score on a 16 yard touchdown run. After a field goal, the freshman fullback Heavens would score later on a 73 yard run to make the score 17-0.

Rudy RuettigerWith about half a minute remaining, Notre Dame would score the final touchdown of the game and making the score 24-3. As the players were getting ready to go out for kickoff, Devine said on the sideline, "Has everyone been in?" Rudy Ruettiger's name was mentioned and Devine put him in. After the kickoff and an incomplete pass, Rudy #45 would come off the right end and force the quarterback into another defensive end. Below is the video of the end of the game, decide for yourself how you would score the final play.

For some more perspective of the "Rudy Game" and the movie, read Dan Devine's autobiography Simply Devine: Memoirs of a Hall of Fame Coach.

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   Posted By: Boomers Keeper at 2011-11-08 17:10:55[#2]
That has got to be half a sack for Rudy - great post and excellent video of how football was played back in the day!
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   Posted By: Titus at 2011-11-08 09:41:34[#1]
wasn't he credited with 1/2 a sack? That looks about right to me.
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