November 7, 1992 - Rudy game sequences are filmed

We've all seen Rudy at least one (dozen) time and are all familiar with the end of the movie. To the keen observer, some of the fans in the stadium can be seen wearing maroon and gold sporting Boston College gear and signs. At halftime of the real football game, movie cameras and actors wearing old 1975 Notre Dame & Georgia Tech uniforms took the field. During this time, the crew ran many scripted plays and instructed the fans to cheer at various times. For bonus points, find the real Rudy in the scenes below. For a hint, highlight the next line:

Look behind Ned Beatty (Rudy's dad)

We'll address some of the inaccuracies of just this scene. The most significant difference is that it was Dan Devine's idea to dress Rudy and put Rudy into the game. Second, the crowd didn't chant "Rudy" as enthusiastically as the movie. Accounts from the game describe there may have been a chant coming from the senior section but it was not fully discernible nor stadium-wide. Last, Rudy was indeed carried off the field but it was not as ceremoniously as the film depicts it. Joe Montana commented on the Dan Patrick Show about the game saying "The guys carried him off, kind of playing around. I wonít say itís a joke, but playing around." Montana also says that no chant had occurred.

Some notes on the actual game from that day. Notre Dame was ranked #8 with a 6-1-1 record while Boston College was ranked #9 with a 7-0-1 record. This game was the highest both teams would be ranked while playing each other. At 4:22 in the first quarter, Notre Dame was already leading 21-0. The game would be most remembered for what happened in the third quarter. Despite leading 37-0, Lou Holtz dialed up a fake punt which worked successfully. Lou would catch some slack about "running up the score" for this single play. The final score would read #8 ND 54 - #9 BC 7.

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