October 28, 1905 - ND's biggest football win

With all the talk a couple weeks ago about the most points scored in Notre Dame Stadium, over a hundred years ago Notre Dame scored even more points in the first half. In the early days of football, just about every organization had a football team and Notre Dame played a wide variety of schools. If someone was willing to play them, then they were put on to fill out the schedule.

The game against American Medical was not much of a game. In the first half alone, Notre Dame had a lead of 111-0. The second half was shortened to only eight minutes in order for the doctors to eat before boarding the train back to Chicago. Coach Henry J. McGlew did not call off the dogs in those eight minutes as the Catholics scored another 31 points. All together, Notre Dame scored 27 touchdowns on the day while giving up no points. The final score would read 142-0.

There were several different rules at the time. Most noticeably, the forward pass would not be legalized until 1906. Of those 27 touchdowns, Notre Dame missed the extra point on twenty of them. At the time, a touchdown was worth only five points (27 * 5 + 7 = 142). Also, Notre Dame had so many scoring opportunities because at the time the scoring team could still receive the kickoff following a score.

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