October 23, 1965 - Remember USC

To fully appreciate today, we need to go back to the prior November in 1964. In Ara Parseghian's first year, Notre Dame was 9-0 heading into the annual match up with Southern Cal. For three quarters #1 Notre Dame led and then the fix was in. After some questionable penalties on the Irish, unranked Southern Cal would take the lead at the end of the game and win 20-17.

Now a year later, #7 Notre Dame was ready to take on #4 Southern Cal at home. There was plenty of anticipation and excitement leading up to the game. Nobody on campus had forgotten what the Trojans did them the year before and "Remember USC" rung through the air. Mysteriously a banner appeared on the Golden Dome itself saying "Remember."

The team did not forget and took care of Southern Cal winning the game 28-7. Fullback Larry Conjar was responsible for all four touchdowns and gained 116 yards. This was the only win against Southern Cal that Ara had that was not part of a championship year. Throughout Ara's career he was 3-6-2 against Southern Cal with the wins coming in 1965, 1966, and 1973.

The Irish held USC HB Mike Garrett (who would win the Heisman that year) to 43 yards rushing - a career low. Garrett had 7 yards rushing at halftime. All four ND backfield starters out-gained Garrett that day:

  • QB Zloch 50 yds rushing
  • FB Conjar 116 yds rushing and 4 tds
  • HB Eddy 65 yds rushing
  • HB Wolski 64 yds rushing

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