October 22, 1977 - The Green Jersey Game

The infamous Green Jersey game. Notre Dame was ranked #11 and had a 4-1 record after dropping a game at Ole Miss in week 2 of the season. The game that day, as with today's game, was against fifth ranked Southern Cal. Coach Dan Devine was pulling out all the stops in preparation for this game. After talking with basketball coach Digger Phelps, the two devised a plan. Digger may have leaked a bit of it at the pep rally the night before.

In fact, it was mostly due to Phelps suggesting to Devine that the team should wear green for the game. The team warmed up beforehand in their blue jerseys and then returned to the locker room. When the team was ready to take the field, a Trojan Horse appeared in the tunnel and the team wearing green came pouring out onto the field. The last time Notre Dame had worn green jerseys was fourteen years prior in 1963.

The game itself was all Irish. Quarterback Joe Montana threw two touchdowns and ran for two more. The game featured a fake field goal that went for a 21 yard run and a botched extra point snap that turned into a phenomenal two point conversion pass.

Notre Dame would win the game 49-19. The full video of the game is available as part of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Collector's Edition (College Football's Greatest Games) DVD set on Amazon. It's a great pick up with many other games (the Chicken Soup Game, Snow Bowl, '88 Miami and several others).

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