October 14, 1995 - ND stops Army's potential winning 2pt conversion

#17 ranked Notre Dame was a three touchdown favorite against unranked Army in the Meadowlands. The Irish were indeed leading 28-7 in the second half. But when the last three Notre Dame possessions ended with two fumbles and an interception, Army now had the ball down 28-21 with one minute to go and a forth down at the 13 yard line. Army would get the fourth down and get in for a touchdown with 39 seconds left in the game. Only one point behind, Army instantly lined up for the two-point conversion and the win with Notre Dame backpedaling this final quarter. What came next would be a fine example of textbook tackling.

Ivory Covington was the third smallest player on the team at 5'9" 161 lbs. The Army player caught the ball at the half yard line and Covington squared up against a player much larger than him and drove him a half yard back and out of bounds. The two-point conversion was no good and Notre Dame would win the game 28-27.

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Posted On: 2011-10-14 03:15:00 by IrishTrpt07


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