October 6, 1984 - Jimmy Johnson comes to town

With the upcoming night game against Southern Cal approaching, we continue looking at the prior seven home contests that took place at night. We've examined the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth night games, now we go back to the second.

Notre Dame Miami ProgramIt would be the 18th meeting between Notre Dame and Miami (which Notre Dame had a 13-3-1 record through) but it was the first against Jimmy Johnson. Under Gerry Faust, Notre Dame was 3-1 coming into the game and ranked #17 while under first year head coach Johnson Miami was 4-2 and #14.

Miami would win 31-13 and the rivalry began to grow more intense. The swagger at Miami was just starting under Johnson and his teams were beginning to win big by running up the score. Notre Dame would be on the wrong end of that game the following season in 1985, but for now the seeds were being planted for a bitter rivalry that would be fueled through each year until 1990.

If anything got to Johnson though, it was apparently the lack of security on the Miami sidelines in Notre Dame stadium. He was upset about the number of loiterers as well as the Notre Dame band going into the bench area.

Perfect Rivals: Notre Dame, Miami, and the Battle for the Soul of College FootballTo read more about the Notre Dame and Miami rivalry, check out the book Perfect Rivals: Notre Dame, Miami, and the Battle for the Soul of College Football available on Amazon.

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