September 29, 2001 - The first 0-3 start

Until 2001, September 29 had been a good day for football. In ten games between 1900 and 1990 Notre Dame was 10-0-0 with just about every coach claiming a victory today at some point in their career. Even Kuharich (17-23-0) and Faust (career 30-26-1) posted victories over Missouri and Oklahoma. It wouldn't be until Bob Davie took a stab at a game down in College Station against Texas A&M that the streak would come to an end.

Notre Dame was already 0-2 after losing at #5 Nebraska and at home versus Michigan State. The two game losing streak saw preseason #17 Notre Dame quickly fall to #23 and eventually unranked by week 4. As the two unranked teams played in Texas, A&M would prevail mightily beating Notre Dame 24-3. If losing wasn't bad enough, Bob Davie would put his stamp on history by coaching the first ever Notre Dame team to go 0-3. Notre Dame would beat Pitt the following week to erase the zero and start 1-3.

Even the woeful 1963 team, coached by Hugh Devore, would start 1-2. That year the team started 0-2 as well but then rallied to beat #7 Southern Cal at home 17-14. This was one of those records that history would like to forget.

Perhaps lucky for Davie he would be outdone. In 2007 with Charlie Weis at the helm, Notre Dame was off to an even worse start. Notre Dame started 0-4 being outscored 133-27 (or losing by an average of 32-6). On September 29, 2007 Notre Dame would lose to Purdue 33-19 and post a 0-5 September record. In both 2001 and 2007, Notre Dame would go winless through September. Notre Dame would go on to win the following week at UCLA and get their first win to go 1-5.

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