September 24, 1966 - Jim Seymour's record day

Ara Parseghian entered Notre Dame in 1964 and turned around a football program that was near death in 1963. The 1964 season, Notre Dame was one quarter (probably one play) away from a national championship in Ara's first year. Behind Heisman winning quarterback John Huarte and receiver Jack Snow, Notre Dame's offense was an unstoppable force. At the end of the season, both players would graduate and the 1965 team was left without a go to quarterback and receiver. Luckily, Ara had recruited two players to fill this gap and they came onto campus in 1965. However, the NCAA still prevented freshman from playing their first year. In the first game of their collegiate career they made an immediate impact.

The season opener saw #6 Notre Dame facing #8 Purdue at home. At quarterback was #5 Terry Hanratty and at receiver was #85 Jim Seymour. Together, the duo would quickly become known as Mr. Fling and Mr. Cling. As many fans were used to hearing "Huarte to Snow", they would quickly become accustomed to hearing "Hanratty to Seymour." Seymour would beat the Boilermakers by himself. He set records for passes caught in a game and receiving yards in a game. His record of 13 passes caught in a single game would stand until 2006 when Rhema McKnight broke it. That day he had 276 yards and 3 touchdowns; the 276 receiving yards is a record that still stands today. Notre Dame would win the game 26-14 and start their season (1-0).

The video above shows highlights of just Hanratty to Seymour and the video below has full game highlights. Seymour was a larger than average receiver at 6 feet 4 inches and over 200 pounds, but he could still run 100 yards in less than 10 seconds. His size allowed him to catch any pass thrown in his vicinity.

Jim Seymour would go on to be the 10th overall pick by the Los Angeles Rams. He would be traded and play three seasons for the Chicago Bears. His record of receiving yards in a game still stands today. On March 29, 2011 Seymour passed away from cancer at the age of 64.

Era of AraMore information about the 1966 season can be found in the book Notre Dame's Era of Ara, written by assistant coach Tom Pagna with foreword by Ara himself. The book follows Ara's entire career but a good focus is put on his first national championship season.

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