September 9, 2000 - The Sea of Red...

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around.

~Dan Devine in the movie Rudy

Notre Dame Nebraska ButtonWhether the above line was actually ever said by Devine or not is up for debate, but sad to say, someone did come into our house on this day in 2000.

The week before, Notre Dame opened the season with a win against Texas A&M 24-10. Notre Dame was (1-0) and ranked #23 going into the matchup with top ranked Nebraska, also (1-0). There was quite a bit of energy around campus leading up to the game, especially with ESPN Gameday broadcasting within view of Touchdown Jesus. As with any game, the opposing team fans began showing up to campus and red Nebraska shirts could be seen around the tailgate lots. Unfortunately, it did not stop there. You could have debated the skill of the players on the field, but many of the alumni and faculty had already made up their mind about the outcome before the game ever started.

Soon, more and more red shirts could be seen. At an early September game, there is no use for jackets or neutral colored sweatshirts to cover bright, mass produced shirts. As kickoff neared, it seemed everywhere you turned there was a group of people wearing red clothing. As fans came into the stadium, as viewers turned on their televisions, they were all greated by this sight:

Nebraska fans in ND Stadium

Needless to say, the secondary market for tickets was quite active and Nebraska fans were scooping them up where ever tickets could be found. It was quite an embarrassment really and the current students, faculty and alumni wasted no time in calling out their fellow Domers. The Viewpoint in the Observer the following week was filled with comments calling out alumni for thinking of the green in their pocket and not the green in the stands; apologizing for fellow alumni that knowingly sold their tickets to Husker fans; calling out fellow faculty who scalped their "Faculty and Staff Use Only" "Not for Resale" tickets. Despite the "Husker Home Game" as Nebraska fans chanted, the players were determined to play a game that the scalpers would have wish they saw. If only our coach had felt the same way that day.

On the first play of the game, Arnaz Battle broke his wrist but would stay in for the remainder of the game. Nebraska would strike first with future Heisman winner Eric Crouch scoring on a 62yd run. 7-0 Nebraska. The Irish wouldn't let the early score get them down. In the second quarter, Notre Dame would drive the down the field on eleven straight rushing plays, culminating with a 2yd touchdown run. Tied 7-7. Before the half would end, Crouch would score his second touchdown on the day with a 1yd QB sneak. Heading into the locker room, Nebraska held a 14-7 lead. Julius Jones When the teams returned for the second half, Nebraska would score once again on a four play drive taking 1:58. They again had a big running play to score on, a 28yd break through. 21-7 Nebraska. But that's all the defense would give up for the rest of the game, holding Nebraska scoreless throughout the fourth quarter.

On the ensuing kickoff after the touchdown, Julius Jones would take the kickoff 100 yards all the way for an Irish touchdown. And the third quarter would end that way, 21-14 Nebraska. Later in the fourth quarter after the defense held Nebraska and force them to punt, Joey Getherall would return the punt 83 yards for a touchdown. After Nick Setta's third extra point on the day, the game was tied 21-21 in the fourth. Once again the defense forced Nebraska to punt, Notre Dame would receive the ball on their own 30 with 1:07 to go in the game. Despite being out rushed 274 to 184; despite being out passed 103 to 40; #23 Notre Dame was tied with the #1 team in the country with the chance to win it! If they could go even 40 yards, Nick Setta would have the chance to kick a field goal for the win! Notre Dame snaps the ball, and runs it up the middle. Tick tock tick tock, the clock winds down. The offense snaps the ball a second time and again runs it straight up the middle. Whistle blows. End of regulation. We're going to OT at 21-21.

Eric CrouchNotre Dame would get the ball first on the 25. After Arnaz Battle was sacked for 6 yards on third down, Nick Setta would boot the field goal to put the Irish up 24-21. Once Nebraska got the ball, they would show why they were the #1 team and Eric Crouch would show why he'd be the Heisman winner. Crouch would score his third touchdown on the day off a 7 yard run to give Nebraska the win, 27-21. Final. The video below gives a recap of the complete game.

Maybe Bob never truly got Notre Dame. Or perhaps he was just too defensive minded of a coach. When asked why he didnt try to score on the last drive, Bob Davie replied "I knew there was no magic that was going to come down out of the sky."

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