September 7, 1991 - Irv Smith carries some Hoosiers

Irv SmithNew Jersey native, Irv Smith came to Notre Dame in 1989 where he played both football and baseball. His junior year proved to be a good year in regards to both sports. In the spring of 1992, he was selected by the Houston Astros in the MLB draft. Smith declined and opted to return for his senior season. But it would be in the fall of his junior year that his most famous play would occur.

As a backup tight end playing against the Hoosiers in the season opener, Smith (#84) would catch Rick Mirer's (#3) pass and take it 58 yards for a touchdown. That feat in itself would be good enough, but it's what happened after the catch that made the play spectacular. Irv Smith caught the ball around the 35 yard line and then made contact with two Indiana defenders at the 25 yard line. For the next 20 yards, Smith would drag the defenders with him eventually falling into the end zone. Irv Smith got a little help the last couple yards when Tony Smith (#83) began pulling him towards the end zone. There was backlash for pushing the quarterback across the goal line, is there any penalty for pulling a tight end across? Smith would catch five more receptions for 28 yards and 2 touchdowns, finishing the 1991 season with 6 receptions, 86 yards and 3 touchdowns. Below is the video of the play, also take note of the end zone ornamentations.

Notre Dame, ranked #7 to start the season, would go on to win the game 49 - 27 and open their season 1-0.

Irv Smith completed his collegiate career with 27 receptions, 454 yards and 5 touchdowns. He would go on to be a first round draft pick and the first tight end taken in the 1993 draft as the 20th overall pick by the New Orleans Saints. He would play seven seasons in the NFL playing for the Saints, 49ers and Browns. After retiring in 1999, Smith resides in Arizona where he and his brother Ed host a radio sports show called the EZ Sports Talk Show.

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