July 23, 2015 - The Basketball Tournament 2015: The Super 17

After winning last year's The Basketball Tournament, the Notre Dame Fighting Alumni received a BYE past the opening rounds and automatically advanced to the play-in game for the Sweet 16. This year's tournament started with 97 teams and after the opening rounds quickly whittled down to the remaining 17.

Being played at DePaul's arena in Chicago, the game would be broadcast on ESPNU. As the broadcast began, Irish fans were greeted with familiar voices thanks to our own Jack Nolan and Mike Brey providing the play-by-play for the broadcast. Most of last year's team returned with some new faces this year.

  • Jordan Cornette '05 (Coach)
  • Torin Francis '06
  • Russell Carter '07
  • Colin Falls '07
  • Kieran Piller '07, '10 J.D. (GM & Coach)
  • Rob Kurz '08
  • Zach Hillesland '09 (Coach)
  • Tory Jackson '10
  • Carleton Scott '10
  • Ben Hansbrough '11
  • Tyrone Nash '11
  • Eric Atkins '14

After a few opening round upsets, NDFA faced the #14 seed from the Midwest Region - Midwest Dream Team. Playing near home, a strong Notre Dame contingent along with the Leprechaun cheered the team on. After shaking off the rust and getting in two practices, the team came out a little sluggish. With Mike Brey's offense in full swing, the Irish started with four open looks from three but none would fall. The NDFA found themselves behind quite a bit in the first half, but would go on two different 9-2 runs. By halftime, they found their rhythm and led 39-35.

In the second half, the Fighting Alumni saw themselves on the other end of runs when they had a span of 5:20 without a made field goal.

Super 17
                  1  2  F
#14 Dream Squad  35 42 77
    ND Alumni    39 40 79

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   Posted By: John Clark at 2016-07-24 10:58:53[#1]
What tournament is this referring to?
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