June 6, 2014 - The Basketball Tournament: Notre Dame Fighting Alumni

The Basketball Tournament: 32 teams in a single elimination bracket with the winning team getting $500,000. The best part? Any team could sign up and become eligible by receiving enough votes. Former Notre Dame basketball walk-on, Kieran Piller, heard about the Tournament and started calling up former players he had stayed in contact with. Before long, an All-Star Team of former Mike Brey players had signed on and the Notre Dame Fighting Alumni were formed. The roster was made up of:

  • Jordan Cornette '05
  • Chris Thomas '05
  • Torin Francis '06
  • Russell Carter '07
  • Colin Falls '07
  • Kieran Piller '07, '10 J.D. (Coach)
  • Rob Kurz '08
  • Ryan Ayers '09
  • Zach Hillesland '09
  • Tory Jackson '10
  • Tyrone Nash '11
  • Paul Gause - Seton Hall (a close friend of Carter's)

The opening round game saw the 10th seeded Notre Dame Fighting Alumni opposite the #23 NYC Super Stars. The game was played at Philadelphia University with modified college rules (18 min. halves, 4 timeouts per game, 35 sec shot clock, and so forth). The beauty of the NDFA team was quickly realized - despite the players being at Notre Dame over a span of 10 years and only a few playing together at one time, everyone had played in the same system under Mike Brey. The unselfish, team oriented style quickly returned and the squad was a cohesive group.

Round of 32
            1  2  F
#23 NYCSS  30 36 66
#10 NDFA   35 43 78

Ryan Ayers led all scorers with 22 points and the NDFA outrebounded the Super Stars 34 to 26. As a team, the shot 23 of 45 which included 9-18 from three - the staple of the "Breyfense" (the Brey offense, we're coining it). Ayers alone was 5-8 from three. As a team they also shot 23 of 30 from the free throw line, led by Thomas and Carter both going 8-8 from the line.

With the victory, the Fighting Alumni survived to move on to the Sweet 16.

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