August 17, 2012 - Results of the London Summer Olympics

With the Summer Olympics officially over, athletes from Notre Dame did just as well as the United States. There were a record number of athletes competing and they won a record number of medals. In addition to the athletes listed before the opening ceremony, two more fencers were activated from the alternate list and competed.

All together, eleven athletes won five medals (four bronze, one gold). Below is a short recap of each athlete's accomplishments:

Natalie AchonwaWomen's BasketballCanada
Jul. 28Pool Play vs. Russia22:16 minutes 3 points
Jul. 30Pool Play vs. Great Britain19:06 minutes 4 points
Aug. 1Pool Play vs. France23:13 minutes 14 points
Aug. 3Pool Play vs. Brazil16:52 minutes 11 points
Aug. 5Pool Play vs. Australia20:10 minutes 7 points
Aug. 7Quarterfinal vs. USA12:57 minutes 4 pointsCanada lost 48-91 and eliminated

Natalie, class of 2014, was the second youngest women's basketball player at 19 years of age. She averaged 7.2 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game with a game high of 14 points.

Gold Medal: Shannon Boxx, Women's Soccer USAShannon BoxxWomen's SoccerUSA
Jul. 25Pool Play vs France17 minutesInjured during the 17th minute
Aug. 9Gold Medal match vs Japan90 minutes 1 shotUS won 2-1

Shannon Boxx (1999) became the first athlete from Notre Dame to win three gold medals.

Bronze Medal: Candace Chapman, Women's Soccer CanadaCandace ChapmanWomen's SoccerCanada
Jul. 25Pool Play vs Japan90 minutes
Aug. 9Bronze Medal match vs France7 minutesCanada won 1-0

Candace Chapman (2005) competed in her second Olympics and helped Canada win the bronze medal.

Molly HuddleWomen's 5000mUSA
Aug. 7Qualifying Heat 215:02.26Finished 5th, Personal Best
Aug. 10Finals15:20.29Finished 11th

Molly Huddle (2006) and her teammate Julie Culley became just the 3rd and 4th American women to reach the finals of the 5000m race. Huddle's qualifying time was her personal best, which due to the pace of each race was faster than the gold medal winning time (15:04.25).

Bronze Medal: Courtney Hurley, Women's Team Epee USACourtney HurleyWomen's Ind. Epee
Women's Team Epee
Jul. 30Round of 32 vs. France12-15
Aug. 4Quarterfinals vs Italy4-7, 8-3, 5-2
Aug. 4Semifinals vs South Korea4-5, 8-5, 3-5
Aug. 4Bronze Medal match vs Russia5-5, 4-2, 4-5USA won 31-30

Courtney Hurley, class of 2013, was the savior for Team USA scoring the winning touch 16 seconds into overtime and securing the Bronze Medal for the US.

Bronze Medal: Kelley Hurley, Women's Team Epee USAKelley HurleyWomen's Team EpeeUSA
Aug. 4Bronze Medal match vs. Russia1-4, 4-1, 4-5USA won 31-30

Kelley Hurley was originally an alternate for Team USA but was called up for the Bronze Medal match against Russia. Kelley graduated from Notre Dame in 2010 and helped the United States win their first team epee medal.

Lee KieferWomen's Ind. Foil
Women's Team Foil
Jul. 28Round of 3215-10
Jul. 28Round of 1615-13
Jul. 28Quarterfinals10-15
Aug. 2Quarterfinals vs South Korea1-4, 1-7, 4-6
Aug. 2Classification 5-8 vs Japan5-0, 4-6, 6-0
Aug. 2Placement 5-6 vs Poland0-6, 6-5, 3-5

Lee Kiefer, set to be a freshman this year, was the youngest US women's fencer at age 18. She participated in both the individual and team foil events.

Gerek MeinhardtMen's Team FoilUSA
Aug. 5Quarterfinals vs France1-5, 11-1
Aug. 5Semifinals vs Italy class="text">2-5, 0-5, 2-5
Aug. 5Bronze Medal match vs Germany0-6, 6-5, 3-5

Gerek Meinhardt was also a Team USA alternate but was called upon for the team event. The men's foil team finished in fourth place. This was Gerek's second Olympics after competing in Beijing.

Selim NurudeenMen's 110m High HurdlesNigeria
Aug. 7Qualifying Heat 613:51Finished 2nd, Personal Best
Aug. 8Semifinals Heat 213:55Finished 5th

Selim Nurudeen (2005) continued to improve since his Beijing appearance in 2008 when he did not advance out of the quarterfinals. This year, after posting a personal best, he advanced to the semifinals but a 5th place finish in his heat did not advance him to the finals.

Bronze Medal: Melissa Tancredi, Women's Soccer CanadaMelissa TancrediWomen's SoccerCanada
Jul. 25Pool Play vs Japan90 minutes 1 goal 2 shots
Jul. 28Pool Play vs South Africa87 minutes 1 goal 3 shots
Jul. 31Pool Play vs Sweden90 minutes 2 goals 5 shots
Aug. 3Quarterfinals vs Great Britain90 minutes 2 shots
Aug. 6Semifinals vs USA120 minutes 1 shotYellow Card
Aug. 9Bronze Medal match vs France77 minutesCanada wins 1-0

Melissa Tancredi (2004) had a great Olympics scoring 4 goals on 13 shots. Her yellow card against the US was for a controversial move but her goals in pool play helped Canada advance into medal position.

Mariel ZagunisWomen's Ind. SabreUSA
Aug. 1Round of 3215-7
Aug. 1Round of 1615-9
Aug. 1Quarterfinals15-6
Aug. 1Semifinals13-15
Aug. 1Bronze Medal match10-15

While Mariel Zagunis had the honor of carrying the American flag into the opening ceremonies, she was unable to complete the three-peat and capture a third straight gold medal for the individual sabre. Zagunis does have two gold medals to her name from the previous Olympics in Beijing and Athens.

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