July 27, 2012 - Notre Dame and the Summer Olympics

Olympic RingsSince the first modern Summer Olympics took place in the year 1896 in Athens, Notre Dame has sent athletes to sixteen of the thirty Summer Olympiads. Thirty-seven athletes have won nineteen medals (seven Bronze, three Silver, nine Gold). Today during the Opening Ceremonies of the 30th Summer Olympic Games, nine athletes with ties to Notre Dame will represent their respective countries.Mariel Zagunis In addition Mariel Zagunis, two time Gold Medal winner, will be the flag bearer for the United States during the Opening Ceremonies tonight. Below is a brief recap of the athletes that competed in each Olympiad. We will highlight specific individual performances in the future.

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1912 - Stockholm, Sweden

Forest FletcherHigh Jump
Long Jump
George PhilbrookDecathlon
In Summer Olympics V, Notre Dame sent two athletes to compete. George Philbrook was a football player graduating in 1911.

1920 - Antwerp, Belgium

Bronze Medal: August August "Gus" Desch400m HurdlesUSA
Johnny MurphyHigh JumpUSA
August "Gus" Desch, a tailback under Knute Rockne, was the first Notre Dame athlete to win an Olympic medal. A time of 54.7 seconds earned him a bronze medal in the 400m hurdles.

1924 - Paris, France

Bronze Medal: Tom Lieb, Discus USATom LiebDiscusUSA
Tom Lieb would take the bronze with a throw of 44.80m. He would eventually go on to set the world record with a throw of 47.61m.

1928 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bronze Medal: Alex Wilson, 1600m Relay CanadaAlex Wilson400m
1600m Relay
Alex Wilson would return to Notre Dame after the Olympics and become the track and field coach from 1950 to 1972. The Alex Wilson Invitational is named in his honor.

1932 - Los Angeles, USA

Silver Medal: Alex Wilson, 800m Canada Bronze Medal: Alex Wilson, 400m Canada Bronze Medal: Alex Wilson, 400m Relay CanadaAlex Wilson400m Relay
Alex Wilson became Notre Dame's first athlete to compete in multiple Olympics and to win multiple medals.

1948 - London, England

Gold Medal: Vince Boryla, Men's Basketball USAVince BorylaMen's BasketballUSA
Vince Boryla played basketball at Notre Dame before transferring to the University of Denver. He became the first athlete from Notre Dame to win an Olympic gold medal. Boryla would go on to play and coach the New York Knicks.

1964 - Tokyo, Japan

Shaun FitzmauriceBaseball (exhibition)USA
In the 1964 Summer Olympics, baseball was an exhibition sport. At Notre Dame, Fitzmaurice (pronounced Fitzmorris) was a stand out on the baseball and track teams. He ran the 60-yard dash two-tenths of a second off the world record and set the baseball team's consecutive game hitting streak. He would later play for the newly formed New York Mets and take instruction from fellow Olympian Jesse Owens.

1972 - Munich, Germany

Rick Wolhuter800mUSA

1976 - Montreal, Canada

Gold Medal: Adrian Dantley, Men's Basketball USAAdrian DantleyMen's BasketballUSA
Bronze Medal: Rick Wohlhuter, 800m USARick Wohlhuter800m

1980 - Moscow, USSR

Debbie BrownWomen's VolleyballUSA
Tim GlassFencingUSA
Bill HanzlikMen's BasketballUSA
If the United States had not boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, Notre Dame would have sent three athletes to compete. Unfortunately for them, higher politics kept them from representing their country.

1984 - Los Angeles, USA

Silver Medal: Bjorn Vaggo SwedenBjorn VaggoInd. EpeeSweden

1988 - Seoul, South Korea

Mike GostiganPentathlonUSA
Molly SullivanFoilUSA
While Debbie Brown did not get the chance to compete in the Olympics, she was the assistant coach for the women's volleyball team. Molly Sullivan became the first female athlete from Notre Dame to compete in the Summer Olympics.

1992 - Barcelona, Spain

Mike GostiganPentathlonUSA
Leszek NowosielskiInd. SabreCanada
Molly SullivanFoilUSA

1996 - Atlanta, USA

Mike GostigianPentathlonUSA
Jilen Sirosky200m BreaststrokeUSA

2000 - Sydney, Australia

Christel Bouvron200m Butterfly
400m Freestyle
Silver Medal: Kathryn Michele (Sobrero) Markgraf, Women's Soccer USAKathryn Michele (Sobrero) MarkgrafWomen's SoccerUSA
Nick RadkewichTriathleteUSA

2004 - Athens, Greece

Christel Bouvron200m ButterflySingapore
Gold Medal: Shannon Boxx, Women's Soccer USAShannon BoxxWomen's SoccerUSA
Monica GonzalezWomen's SoccerMexico
Andrew MacKay200m IM
400m IM
Cayman Islands
Gold Medal: Kathryn Michele (Sobrero) Markgraf, Women's Soccer USAKathryn Michele (Sobrero) MarkgrafWomen's SoccerUSA
Gold Medal: Ruth Riley, Women's Basketball USARuth RileyWomen's BasketballUSA
Jeff Smoke1000m Kayak DoublesUSA
Jan VivianiTeam EpeeUSA
Gold Medal: Mariel Zagunis, Ind. Sabre USAMariel ZagunisInd. SabreUSA
Andrew MacKay had the honor of becoming the first Olympic athlete from the Cayman Islands. Jeff Smoke, while not a varsity athlete at Notre Dame, followed in his parents' footsteps to become an Olympic kayaker.

2008 - Beijing, China

Gold Medal: Shannon Boxx, Women's Soccer USAShannon BoxxWomen's SoccerUSA
Thomas Chamney800mIreland
Candace ChapmanWomen's SoccerCanada
Kelley HurleyInd. EpeeUSA
Gold Medal: Kathryn Michele (Sobrero) Markgraf, Women's Soccer USAKathryn Michele (Sobrero) MarkgrafWomen's SoccerUSA
Gerek MeinhardtInd. FoilUSA
Selim Nurudeen100m High HurdlesNigeria
Melissa TancrediWomen's SoccerCanada
Gold Medal: Mariel Zagunis, Ind. Sabre USA Bronze Medal: Mariel Zagunis, Team Sabre USAMariel ZagunisInd. Sabre
Team Sabre
Shannon Boxx, Kathryn Michele Sobrero-Markgraf, and Mariel Zagunis became the first Notre Dame athletes to win multiple Gold medals. Zagunis the only athlete to do so in an individual event.

2012 - London, England

Natalie AchonwaWomen's BasketballCanada
Gold Medal: Shannon Boxx, Womens Soccer USAShannon BoxxWomen's SoccerUSA
Bronze Medal: Candace Chapman, Womens Soccer CanadaCandace ChapmanWomen's SoccerCanada
Molly Huddle5,000mUSA
Bronze Medal: Courtney Hurley, Womens Team Epee USACourtney HurleyEpeeUSA
Bronze Medal: Kelley Hurley, Women's Team Epee USAKelley HurleyWomen's Team EpeeUSA
Lee KieferFoilUSA
Lee KieferFoilUSA
Selim Nurudeen100m High HurdlesNigeria
Bronze Medal: Melissa Tancredi, Womens Soccer CanadaMelissa TancrediWomen's SoccerCanada
Mariel ZagunisInd. SabreUSA
With the 30th Summer Olympiad starting tonight, Shannon Boxx and Mariel Zagunis become the third and fourth athletes to compete in three Olympics. They also have the chance to become the first athletes to win three Gold medals. Molly Huddle is the first female track and field athlete from Notre Dame. As previously noted, Mariel Zagunis will be the United States flag bearer during the Opening Ceremonies after a vote by fellow US Olympians.
Update: Shannon Boxx became the first Notre Dame alum to win three Olympic Gold Medals.

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