March 7, 1970 - Austin Carr owns Ohio

Austin CarrBefore there was Championship Week, the NCAA Tournament started a bit sooner. In their opening NCAA Tournament game, Notre Dame faced Ohio University. The game started and then Austin Carr went off, scoring a NCAA single game record 61 points.

In the first half alone, Carr scored 35 points followed by 26 in the second half. All of this without a three point line. He made 56.8% of his shots, 25 baskets on 44 attempts. Both of those are NCAA single game records as well. Notre Dame would go on to win the game 112-82.

In 1970, Notre Dame would play in three NCAA tournament games in which Austin Carr averaged 52.7 points per game. You guessed it, another NCAA tournament record. In the seven NCAA games he played in over three seasons, Carr averaged 41.3 points per game - his fifth NCAA Tournament record.

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