December 1, 1968 - ACC opens

Athletic Convocation CenterBy now everyone who comes to campus is familiar with the JACC or the Joyce Athletic Convocation Center. Those who visited campus twenty five years ago may know it as the ACC or just the Athletic Convocation Center. Today kicked off a week long opening ceremonies for the building. It took over two years to build the dual-domed building next to the football stadium which cost $8.6M. During the dedication week, several performers attending including Bill Cosby and Andy Williams.

Over the years the ACC has seen many spectacular moments including:

  • 4 victories over top ranked men's basketball teams
  • 45 game home win streak by the men's basketball team
  • 51 game home win streak by the women's basketball team
  • Multiple Presidential visits (Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Obama)
  • Concerts by: Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, U2
  • Professional boxing match

When the building first opened, Rolf's Aquatic Center was not attached. It would be added in 1985. When women's volleyball first began in 1980, their games were played in The Pit. By 1984 attendance had increased enough to warrant moving the matches into the basketball arena. Until this year, hockey had played its matches in the north dome.

In 1987 after Father Ned Joyce retired as vice president, the Board of Trustees voted to append Joyce in front of ACC, hence creating the JACC.

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