October 29, 1993 - Haley Scott DeMaria wins her heat

Twenty months earlier, the swim team was taking a bus back to campus on a snowy evening. When the bus had just passed exit 72 on the toll road, it went off the road and rolled onto its side. Two members of the women's swim team, Meghan Beeler and Colleen Hipp, were killed in the accident. Another member, Haley Scott, had a broken spine and received emergency surgery that night.

Haley Scott DeMariaAfter months of treatment, more surgeries, and rehabilitation, Haley Scott would return to campus in 1992 and was back on the team competing in 1993. Getting back into the pool, she would not only win her heat but she would post her best time in the 50 free at 25.04 seconds.

In the years since, Haley Scott married Jamie DeMaria and she wrote a book about the accident and her recovery. What Though the Odds is also in the process of being made into a movie which is due out next year at some point. It will be the third movie to be filmed on campus (the first two being Knute Rockne, All American and Rudy).

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