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Today in ND History Launches!
Today in ND History goes live and broadcasting across the globe!
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TINDH Fan Poll
The first ever Today in ND History Fan Poll asks our readers what type of events they want to read about and what age events they want to see.
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Get TINDH in your inbox!
A new feature is unveiled allowing you to receive each new event in your inbox on your computer or on your phone.
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Stats and Reminders
Today we recap the visitors over the past month and a half and making everyone aware of all the features on the site.
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Sports Database Added
Six months later, we are still adding new features - check out the Sports Database.
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The TINDH Bracket
The Today in ND History Bracket is out!
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TINDH Bracket - Round of 64
Voting for the first round of the Today in ND History Bracket opens today! Be sure to get your votes in.
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TINDH Bracket - Round of 32
Voting for the second round of the Today in ND History Bracket opens today! Be sure to get your votes in.
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TINDH Bracket - Sweet Sixteen
The Sweet Sixteen of the Today in ND History Bracket is now available for voting!
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TINDH Bracket - Elite Eight
Voting for the Elite Eight is now open! Only a few days to vote.
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TINDH Bracket - Final Four
Voting for the Final Four is now open! Get your votes in and help us decide!
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TINDH Bracket - Championship
The final round of voting is now open! Get your votes in for the most important event in Notre Dame's history.
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The TINDH Bracket Champion
We have a winner!
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New contributions coming!
The site continues to expand to bring you more content every day!
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A Break in the Action
With the quietness of summer, we are working on some projects in the background.
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Tickets! Get Your Tickets!
The ticket database is live! Take a look at ticket stubs from years past.
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Happy Birthday TINDH!
Happy Birthday Today in ND History! Today, TINDH turns one!
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Continuing to Expand the TINDH Features
Announcing the newest addition to Today in ND History: All-Time Rosters Database. Now you can search for any football and basketball player.
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A Face Lift
TINDH gets a much needed redesign and updates the layout.
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New Year! New Site!
We've been working behind the scenes to update our page. Check it out!
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