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October 22, 1966:  Early Domination for the Freshman
     The Irish Freshman dominate against Pittsburgh early in the season.

October 4, 1924:  Another Victory Against Western State
     After a series of losses, the freshman pull off another win against Western State.

November 11, 1916:  George Gipp Kicks the Winner
     George Gipp would ignore his coaches and take the game into his own hands.

November 3, 1916:  The Gipper Makes An Appearance
     George Gipp would play in his first football game ever and instantly make a name for himself.

February 14, 2013:  The Original Catholics vs Convicts
     Long before Notre Dame and Miami faced off in the 1980s, the JV squad would face some actual convicts.

October 6, 1935:  Jake Kline coaches the JV Squad
     Junior Varsity Coach Jake Kline would have some interesting pep talks for his 'Hamburger' Teams.

November 27, 1930:  A Feast on Thanksgiving
     In the first meeting between a Notre Dame and Vanderbilt team, the Irish had a feast on Herbert Hoover's proclaimed day of Thanksgiving.

October 18, 1930:  JV Plays Under the Lights Again
     The Junior Varsity squad would get accustomed to playing under the lights, something accomplished decades before the varsity team.

November 3, 1951:  The First Meeting with Tennessee
     The first meeting between Notre Dame and Tennessee would not be between the varsity squads.

November 7, 1949:  One Game in Two Stadiums
     The Notre Dame B team would play a single game, on two different fields.

October 12, 1935:  JV Football Through the '30s and '40s
     While the varsity team took the accolades, the B and C squads would be part of some unusual contests.

November 9, 1929:  A First and A Last
     The varsity team took on Drake, while the B and C squads were also both in action. All on the same day.

November 10, 1928:  History of Notre Dame's Junior Varisty Team
     In the 1920s, Notre Dame regularly fielded more than one football team. We begin with this history of the Notre Dame Junior Varsity team.

June 11, 1957:  College World Series Semi-final
     Notre Dame would make it to the semi-finals of the College World Series and face undefeated Penn State.

June 10, 1957:  Second College World Series win
     After a big win, Notre Dame continues out and shuts out the Longhorns.

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