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September 21, 1985:  Tim Brown makes himself known
     Tim Brown would put the Irish ahead for good and John Carney would show his leg that he would use for another 25 years.

September 20, 2009:  Golden Tate does a true leap of faith
     Golden Tate found a new way to celebrate following what would be the game winning touchdown.

September 19, 1987:  Tim Brown starts the Heisman campaign
     In a bizarre night contest at home, Notre Dame blows past Michigan State and boosts Tim Brown's Heisman campaign.

September 18, 1963:  Memorial Library opens
     Hesburgh's vision to expand campus to previously unseen sizes started with the library. The student population would come nine years later.

September 17, 1995:  Craig Counsell makes MLB debut with Rockies
     Craig Counsell had a standout career at Notre Dame and has made his impression on the big leagues since his first game.

September 16, 1989:  Rocket lifts off in the Big House
     Rocket Ismail would do something against Michigan that no opponent ever had done before.

September 15, 1979:  Blocked field goal leads to rule change
     In a true Rudy story, a walk-on wins the game while the All-American changes NCAA rules forever.

September 11, 2011:  9/11 Ten Years Later
     Ten years later, wounds have healed but scars still remain. Campus once again comes together vowing to never forget.

September 13, 1841:  Fr. Sorin arrives in New York
     Father Sorin and crew make the long journey to the New World.

September 12, 1992:  Reggie Brooks scores while unconscious
     As long as you cross the goal line, it doesn't matter how you get there. Don't worry, he would be fine afterwards.

September 11, 2001:  9/11
     Campus came together, stood as one on South Quad and brought everyone through the day.

September 10, 1988:  Reggie Ho kicks Michigan around
     A mostly unknown student from Hawaii would make a name for himself as he got Notre Dame's 1988 Championship season started off on the right foot.

September 9, 2000:  The Sea of Red...
     Nebraska came to South Bend with the #1 ranking...and with thousands of fans clad in Husker Red.

September 8, 1879:  School session resumes following the Great Fire
     Despite losing almost everything, Notre Dame rebuilds itself and reopens. What though the odds...

September 7, 1991:  Irv Smith carries some Hoosiers
     Irv Smith would score a touchdown no matter what stood in his way or held him back.

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