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March 12, 2015:  The First ACC Tournament Win
     The Irish would have to wait until their second season in the ACC to log a tournament game win.

January 4, 2002:  Fr. Hesburgh carries the Olympic Torch
     Fr. Hesburgh would carry the Olympic Torch through Notre Dame's campus.

July 13, 2000:  President Clinton awards Fr. Hesburgh with Congressional Gold Medal
     Fr. Hesburgh is awarded the highest civilian honor from Congress.

September 14, 1964:  President Johnson awards Fr. Hesburgh the Medal of Freedom
     Fr. Hesburgh receives the highest civilian honor awarded by President Johnson.

September 9, 1957:  Fr. Hesburgh appointed to Commission on Civil Rights
     President Eisenhower appoints Fr. Hesburgh to the six member Commission on Civil Rights.

June 27, 1952:  Fr. Hesburgh is appointed 15th President of Notre Dame
     Fr. Hesburgh would be named the 15th president of Notre Dame.

March 6, 2015:  The Longest College Hockey Game Ever
     Five hours and forty-nine minutes later, a pair of NCAA records would be set with Notre Dame ending on the wrong side of the victory.

June 10, 1940:  Fr. Hesburgh returns to the US
     With World War II engulfing Europe, Fr. Hesburgh would return to his native soil.

February 10, 1991:  Fr. Hesburgh is interviewed on C-SPAN
     Following the release of Fr. Hesburgh's autobiography, he is interviewed on C-SPAN.

August 16, 1939:  Fr. Hesburgh professed Final Vows
     Fr. Hesburgh professed Final Vows.

August 16, 1936:  Fr. Hesburgh makes First Profession of Vows
     Fr. Hesburgh made his First Profession of Vows

August 15, 1935:  Fr. Hesburgh received into Congregation
     Fr. Hesburgh is received into the Congregation of Holy Cross.

July 21, 1964:  Fr. Hesburgh and Martin Luther King Jr.
     Fr. Hesburgh and Martin Luther King Jr. would link arms and stand together at a rally in Chicago.

February 26, 2015:  Fr. Hesburgh Passes Away
     At the age of 97, President Emeritus Fr. Theodore Hesburgh passed away at Holy Cross House.

December 11, 1976:  The first nonconference loss at Pauley Pavilion for UCLA
     UCLA would lose a nonconference game for the first time at Pauley Pavilion, making their record 115-1.

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