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August 22, 1944:  Francis Pieri
     Francis Pieri from Mahaney City, Pa had been a QB on the 1937 Irish and a FB on the 1939 team.

May 15, 1945:  1st Lt George Murphy USMC
     George Murphy was a starting end and team captain of Frank Leahy's 1942 Notre Dame team.

March 4, 1945:  ND HB was KIA on Iwo Jima
     PFC George Birmingham USMC, star HB on the 1942 Notre Dame freshmen football team from Sioux City, Iowa was killed in action on Iwo Jima.

February 23, 1945:  Six Notre Dame men are freed from prison camp by Domers
     Six Notre Dame men would be liberated from a Japanese prison camp by a fellow Domer.

December 11, 1976:  The first nonconference loss at Pauley Pavilion for UCLA
     UCLA would lose a nonconference game for the first time at Pauley Pavilion, making their record 115-1.

December 11, 1973:  Digger gets revenge against Bob Knight
     After getting embarrassed two years earlier, Digger's team would win on the road at #3 Indiana.

December 11, 1979:  ND takes down UCLA
     Without senior Bill Hanzlik, Notre Dame would seal the game late to win.

December 11, 1968:  The first win inside the ACC
     Despite losing to UCLA earlier, ND would get their first win in the new arena.

November 26, 1914:  Notre Dame defeats another eastern power
     Ray Eichenlaub would be back to full strength and be a force on both sides of the ball.

November 14, 1914:  Another win verse the Indian Universities
     After defeating Haskell, Notre Dame would take down Pop Warner's Carlisle Indian School squad.

November 7, 1914:  Army used the forward pass to win
     A year after Notre Dame shocked the world, Army used the forward pass to win this year.

October 31, 1914:  Irish win their first matchup against Haskell
     The second win in a row, would be the first of five against Haskell.

October 24, 1914:  The Shift begins to take form
     Notre Dame would rebound on the road against South Dakota as a new offense begins to be instilled.

October 17, 1914:  Yale uses rugby plays to win
     Yale would snap Notre Dame's winning and unbeaten streak.

October 10, 1914:  A blowout victory
     Notre Dame would stretch their unbeaten streak to 27 games from 1910-1914.

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