Events Without Dates

For the events listed below, only a portion of the date is known. If available, additional details about the event are listed as well. If you are able to provide any additional information about the event that will help determine the exact date the event occurred or if you know the exact date and can help provide a source for the date, please use this form to submit the information. The form is available here.
  • May ??, 1944 - WWI Portico on Basilica completed
            The eastern door to the Basilica was added in 1924 and went without statues in the niches for twenty years. From the University archives site, two statues were added into the niches in May 1944.

  • February ??, 1977 - Tennessee Williams speaks at Literary Festival
            In 1977, the Sophomore Literary Festival was held Feb. 13-19. Some details and pictures can be seen in the 1977 yearbook: (Page 197 Page 199). Supposedly Tennessee Williams went to Senior Bar before the SLF, walked on stage, poured a glass of wine and then went out to the bars afterwards as well.
    Other invitees to the SLF included Norman Mailer and Kurt Vonnegut. Do not know if they were in the same year or different years.